Samsung is preparing for the grand celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S series. Next year’s Galaxy S10 will appear in as many as 4 scenes. Initially, we knew about 3 of them. Now there are rumours of the model named Beyond X. It is a variant with 6 cameras and a 5G modem.

Koreans are preparing to refresh the Galaxy S line. Previous rumours have been about 3 variants of the Galaxy S10. All models are to be equipped with a dual camera (12 MP + 16 MP). The budget option is to have a traditional OLED screen with a diagonal of 5.8-inches. The standard Galaxy S10 will get a bent display with a diagonal of 6.1-inches. Galaxy S10+ version in addition to the larger screen (6.4-inches) should receive a third camera. It would seem that this is already a sufficient “upgrade”. However, Samsung does not rest on its laurels. The Korean manufacturer is preparing the fourth variant of Galaxy S10, which is called “Beyond X”. The revolution involves the introduction of 6 lenses (2 at the front and 4 at the back) and a 5G modem. The quadruple camera is “nothing new”. This technology appeared at the premiere of Galaxy A9.

Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy S10 Beyond X will debut next spring

The most thoroughly upgraded version of the Galaxy S10 will appear on the market a few months after the release of the “basic” variants. Next year’s flagship of Samsung will be presented in February next to MWC. For sure, we will see then new products introduced in the basic variants of Galaxy S10, which will go to stores at the end of March. However, the 10th anniversary of the series is something special. That is why we are counting on Samsung to unveil the secret and in February it will reveal some details about the “Beyond X” model and the folding Galaxy F with the Infinity Edge screen.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Beyond X should not cause too much excitement in us. This model will appear at the beginning in the United States, where the first 5G networks will operate in mid-2019. Perhaps a similar variant will also be sold in Korea. However, it is unlikely that this model will be sold also in India. Our operators will launch 5G networks later than leading telecoms. Similarly, it will also be in other countries. That is why the first 5G smartphones will be sold mainly through operators who decide to launch a new technology quickly.

Source: Wall Street Journal