Everyone is wondering how smartphone users will benefit from the new generation of mobile networks, i.e. 5G. It turns out that a completely new class of devices is coming in front of the new technology. Smartphone manufacturers are preparing for us phones with foldable displays. Not only Samsung, but also Huawei is working on such equipment. The most interesting is that we will see the Chinese revolutionary smartphone in 2019.

LTE-Advanced networks offer so high data transfer rates that they can meet their requirements without major problems. Modern mobile networks allow us to browse websites, stream music and movies. Therefore, it would seem that hardly anyone needs the astronomical speeds offered by 5G networks. However, the most important smartphone manufacturers have been working on bending display technology for several years. It is to revolutionize the mobile devices market and allow the application developer to prepare completely new solutions. For example, a foldable smartphone/tablet can have a screen with twice the diameter, which will allow you to watch higher resolution movies. Alternatively, we will be able to conveniently use two applications at the same time. This, on the other hand, will increase the demand for the amount of data transferred. Therefore, smartphones with folded displays will be immediately equipped with 5G modems.

Initially, Huawei’s foldable smartphone was intended to debut in 2018

However, as it happens, new technology needs refinement. That’s why both Samsung and Huawei have moved the premiere of their revolutionary smartphones for later. Maybe the Koreans will still make it this year. However, Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer products department, admitted in a recent interview that his company will show such a smartphone in 2019. This information surprised many people, because this is the first official statement in this matter. Earlier, it has been speculated that Huawei is preparing for the launch of a smartphone with a bent display at the end of this year. However, these guesses were based only on Huawei patent applications and information from analysts. Unfortunately, already on the occasion of early leaks in the Samsung flagship issue, we have seen that these types of sources are not very precise.

Currently, we do not know when exactly Huawei will present a folded smartphone with a 5G modem. Perhaps the Chinese will surprise us during the annual MWC exhibition, which will take place at the end of February in Barcelona. However, the first quarter of next year is too optimistic. More likely, the Huawei smartphone with folded screen will appear at the end of the second or early third quarter of 2019.

Source: Digital Trends