The United States was by far the second largest smartphone market in the world after China. However, the latest Canalys report shows that this situation has changed. India is a country that has experienced a 23% increase in the smartphone market and thus ahead of the United States. It is also interesting that a large share in this has also the well-known Xiaomi brand, which perfectly matched the needs of the Indian market.

India is the second largest country in the world in terms of the number of mobile users. Already at the beginning of last year the number of active devices in our country exceeded one billion. That’s why all smartphones are dependent on the market. Especially as it grows all the time. Local operators are currently working intensively on the expansion of existing LTE networks, which naturally drives the sale of smartphones. Obviously, this works as a feedback loop, since more sold mobile devices mean more network traffic, which in turn motivates operators to make further investments.

Canalys india

The smartphone market in India is dominated by Samsung and Xiaomi.

The data provided by Canalys clearly show that Samsung is ranked first in terms of the number of shipped smartphones. But Xiaomi noted the largest increase in its share of the mobile device market in India over the past year. This is due to the fact that when Samsung focuses mainly on high-end devices, Xiaomi’s most interesting offer is in the segment of budget solutions. Of course, the Chinese electronics giant is also interested in new solutions. Therefore, it may soon be that Xiaomi will outdo Samsung in India. Other manufacturers who are happy with their presence in the Indian market are Vivo and Oppo. Lenovo still holds a strong position, however, last year it ranked second in the smartphone market in India. Now it’s five. Apple started producing iPhones in India at the beginning of the year, which doubled the number of sold devices. However, this is still the result of 900,000 units in the last quarter. Not much, but also in India iPhone X sold out quickly.

Source: Canalys