Recently quite a lot is said about foldable smartphones with a bent screen. We already know that several companies works on such devices, among others Samsung and Huawei. However, we can not forget about other manufacturers who have their own idea of ​​using this new technology. A recent video showing a working prototype of a Lenovo foldable smartphone that can be worn on the web has recently appeared on the network.

Bent OLED displays will revolutionize the smartphones market. Some believe that this technology will drive the development of the 5G network. People will need even faster access to the Internet, because new smartphones will change our previous habits regarding the use of mobile Internet. Most people expect that manufacturers are preparing smartphones for us that can be bent like a book. It would make a lot of sense, because a folded phone would offer twice as large a screen. Lenovo, however, approaches this topic in a slightly different way. On the following recording you can see behaviour of a flexible smartphone, which can be bent to the form of a “bracelet” and put on hand.

Lenovo has several ideas for devices with folded screens

The concept shown above was already presented by Lenovo in 2016. However, the prototype presented at that time had many disadvantages. The developed display was far from ideal. You can see a lot of burned and inactive pixels on it. Fortunately, the current prototype works much better.

Lenovo smartphone

Lenovo is also working on a foldable tablet whose screen bends by 180 degrees. Thanks to this, it can be folded like a book.

Lenovo foldable tablet

It is possible that folded displays will also go to laptops. One of the visions presented by Lenovo concerned a computer that does not have any hinges.

Lenovo foldable laptop

Source: Weibo