This theme is as old as the world, but it comes back to us from time to time. Is there any reason to fear? Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are everywhere. We carry them all day and at night we sleep next to them when they are charging. The effects of radio waves on health is quite interesting topic. Much is said about this, but we do not have any conclusive test results. However, we need to look at this issue from a broader perspective.

Interesting approach to the impact of mobile phones on our health is presented by the WHO (World Health Organization). The first point on their side is, of course, about the relationship between cancer incidence and the radiation of radio waves coming from the base stations and mobile phones. WHO experts analysed the results of the different research teams. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has classified radio waves as potentially carcinogenic to humans as 2B group. However, they noted that none of the studies have shown a link between electromagnetic radiation to which we are exposed, and the growth of cancer and other diseases.

The use of cell phones may have a negative impact on our health

Modern electronic devices, especially smartphones, are very absorbing. Perhaps it is difficult for us to admit it, but small computers that we carry almost all the time, changed our lives. We are practically addicted to our smartphones. Therefore, they have an impact on brain activity, the response time and quality of sleep. Fortunately, it is not so bad. Studies have confirmed that the use of mobile phones has an impact on these aspects of our health, but it is negligible. Another aspect is the indirect impact of smartphones on our health.

A well-designed smartphone is not hazardous

All cell phones that are available in shops, had to pass appropriate testing certification. Therefore, the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) parameter is measured. It defines the amount of energy radiated by the phone, which is absorbed by humans. Personally, I am not afraid of radiation generated by our smartphones. What worries me is another question.

Namely, the heating of the modern equipment. Erroneous or faulty design a series of batteries can fairly even self-ignition of the phone. This issue was heavily publicized by the way the affair of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Some people have been even burned. Not to mention the small fires, which occurred when the device lit up at night during charging. Fortunately, the company quickly withdrew defective devices from the market, but the fear remained. Manufacturers of smartphones care about our safety.

Source: WHO

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