We will see a lot of new flagship smartphones on the market this year. Every new model stirs more emotions. Huawei is manufacturer which prepares smartphones with very good components and high quality materials for reasonable price. The price to quality ratio is not so high as in case of Xiaomi, but Huawei is considered as more reputable brand. Therefore, a lot of people are waiting for new Huawei P10. Leaks about this upcoming smartphone raise quite a lot of interest.

I remember times when Huawei was not so popular brand and they had to gain customer confidence. Some time ago, we could see on technological portals sketches of the alleged appearance of a new smartphone from Huawei. Appearance as appearance, may not be especially innovative. Such a nice smartphone for people who like perfectionism. Interesting is that, recently colourized renders of Huawei P10 smartphone appeared in the network. I am impressed with what I saw, because it seems that Huawei firmly overstepped forward to the competition and they will give to customers some choice in terms of colour. I have to admit that the standard white, black and grey mobiles are boring. People would like to buy something that stands out.

Evan Blass has posted on his Twitter new renders of Huawei P10.

There are indeed only three, but they are so nice that the amount was not sad. I assume that everyone who has a fairly-fits appearances, choose something suitable. Huawei will probably prepare three metal housing: sapphire, emerald and gold. Many users believe that this greenish version is the nicest. It is not difficult to disagree, but I think that it is a matter of taste. I know people who gets off the green. But these are not the only leaks, which we find in the network. It turns out that the Huawei P10 model has dual-camera system, but fingerprint reader disappeared. This is something new. It looks that Huawei has decided to use the home button with built-in fingerprint scanner. As you can see Huawei takes, but also gives some gifts in return. We will see this smartphone soon during the famous MWC 2017 trade show, which will be held later this month.

Source: International Business Times