We all know that Microsoft did not have an idea how to continue the line of Nokia Lumia smartphones. A lot of people claim that Windows Phone works perfectly on these mobiles, however developers are not interested in Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Now, 30 months after the acquisition of Nokia’s Device and Service division by Microsoft, Nokia can release their own smartphones with the Nokia logo. Of course, these new mobiles will be powered by Android operating system.

About half-year ago, Microsoft sold all rights related to Nokia brand to new HMD Global company. This new Finnish company was founded in order to manufacture new Nokia smartphones and they have hired a lot of Nokia veteran employees. HMD Global has also agreement with Nokia, so they have all patents and knowledge what is required to manufacture new and modern smartphone.

Nokia is the brand which is trusted and recognized worldwide.

I bet that you have heard about bullet proof Nokia mobiles and the legendary indestructible Nokia 3310 model. HMD Global’s chief marketing officer Pekka Rantala is aware of this and he wants to take advantage of Nokia brand. Specially, after the problematic Samsung Galaxy Note 7, customers may be squeamishness about quality and durability of smartphones. However, HMD Global will have to sell Nokia branded mobiles also to young people who do not know the history of this company. Teenagers associate Nokia company with old fashion and obsolete devices which can not compete with modern iPhone and other smartphones.

Old Nokia mobile

HMD Global believes that Mother agency will help to sell Nokia smartphones.

I hope that this British advertising and PR agency will do good job and upcoming Nokia mobiles will be welcomed on Android market. I hope that this will end much better than the release of BlackBerry Priv, which is very good smartphone, but it is also too expensive. The Mother company will launch global advertising campaign in early 2017. It is quite probably that Nokia HMD Global will present their devices during the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017 trade shows at the end of February.