For several months, it is loud about return of smartphones with Nokia logo. There is no secret, that Lumia with Windows Mobile proved to be a company fail. It was the same like purchase mobile division of Nokia by Microsoft. Now they moved out to Finland, where company has its headquarters – HMD Global, which is mainly composed of former employees of Nokia. Today, they presented the world first smartphone from new line – Nokia 6. I must admit that the Finns curiously named first copy of the new series. Nokia 6 must be the best smartphone and get A grade.

And make even name to the legendary series 6000. I know that the most popular and indestructible model will be always Nokia 3310. Ever to this day Nokia 6310i is considered as the best mobile phone, that had been ever designed. Now, of course, such a project would have no chance of being. HMD Global wants to make good use of the brand. So Nokia provides not only its logo, but also the patents owned by Nokia Bell Labs (formerly Bell Labs belonging to Alcatel-Lucent).

Nokia 6 is really average at the shop shelves, with the latest version of Android Nougat on board.

Nokia’s first smartphone with Android on board, will be not the flagship product. It is a phone with a screen diagonal of 5.5″¬†with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. 2.5D type display is protected by Gorilla Glass. On the board we will get octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, processor clocked at a speed of 1.4 GHz. For communication responsible will be Snapdragon X6 LTE modem that is able to collect data at 150 Mbps and supports carrier aggregation configuration 2×10 MHz.

Maybe Snapdragon 430 is not super efficient processor, but is a very modern unit. Evidence of this service is a build-in Quick Charge 3.0, which was introduced in a Snapdragon 820. Nokia 6 is equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of data. In fact, it is quite a lot for such an average. Furthermore, the company brag about high-quality of audio amplifier, so that we clearly hear our interlocutor. 16 MP matrix camera and phase detection auto focus will be the best to take high-quality pictures. I hope that the HMD don’t spared on optics, because we already seen, that a good specification will not be a guarantee of quality.

So far, Nokia 6 will be only sold in China for about $245 (about Rs. 16 700). For now manufacturer wants to see how the new smartphone can handle this market. In total, it is good that HMD starts with a model of the so-called mid-range. It seems that the HMD learns from others mistakes, just like BlackBerry’s flagship. Therefore, the first Nokia with Android is the proverbial mid-range.

Source: HMD Global