Nokia X6 is the first HMD Global smartphone with a characteristic indentation of the screen. Initially, it was thought that this phone will be sold only in China, because the Finns want to check that this type of design will pass the exam. However, now everything indicates that Nokia X6 will also be available in other countries, including India.

Smartphones with indented screen, i.e. a notch, are no longer a surprise for us. This idea was first used in the iPhone X, in which the characteristic indentation was used to place the Face ID face recognition system. On the other hand, manufacturers of Android smartphones use similar design to increase the diagonal of the screen and have a space for the front camera and speaker. However, not everyone thinks that this is a good idea. For example, Samsung was able to reduce the size of the top frame without the notch, which is also laughed at in the Korean advertising spots. That’s why HMD Global was not sure if the Nokia X6 would be a good selling device.

Fans of the brand want the Nokia X6 to be available all over the world

Finns use quite an interesting strategy when introducing new products. First, they prepare a mid-range device, which is not too fast, but offers enough performance for most users. Thanks to this approach, it is available at an affordable price. At the same time, the new equipment is only sold in China, so that customers’ moods will fall out. This was the case with Nokia 6, the first Nokia with Android operating system on board. Therefore, no one is particularly surprised by the fact that Nokia X6 is the first Nokia with a notch. It is true that this type of equipment does not compete with the iPhone X, but thanks to the affordable price will surely find many buyers. It is possible that they will not be only Chinese.

Juho Sarvikas (CPO of HMD Global) decided to ask Nokia fans if they want Nokia X6 to appear in other countries than China. The result of the survey was easy to predict. It did not last too long. 8.5 thousand Twitter users voted. As many as 92% of them voted for Yes. This is very clear message for the head of HMD Global. However, did the community really decide about the fate of the first Nokia with a notch? Or was it a planned marketing action from the very beginning?

HMD Global is also preparing other models from the X series. These are to be Nokia X5 and Nokia X7, which are the weaker and stronger equivalent of the Nokia X6. These three models will be probably available immediately all over the world. It would be odd if all other countries except China had two of the three X models available. HMD Global could have already planned to release all three smartphones around the world, but they were not sure if this idea would bring the expected profits.

Source: Twitter

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