Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly openly talking about their plans for the first devices with 5G modems. Huawei has already announced that such equipment will appear next year. Now, the head of OnePlus shared his plans. His company in 2019 will also launch the 5G smartphone on the market.

Some operators have already announced that in 2019 they will begin to provide their clients with services based on the 5G network. Others have planned for the second half of next year tests of pilot networks that will use the next generation of base stations. However, in order for it to be possible, firstly, manufacturers of smartphones and routers using mobile networks must provide devices that use new solutions. None of the companies wants to be behind the competition. Therefore, specific assurances are already given by presidents.

Pete Lau confirmed that in 2019 there will be OnePlus with 5G support

CEO of a Chinese company, which is known for its “flagship killers”, in an interview with PC Mag revealed that next year we will see the OnePlus smartphone with the 5G modem. At the same time we do not know if it will be in the first (OnePlus 7) or in the second (OnePlus 7T) the middle of the year. It is possible that the Chinese do not know it yet, because they are conducting talks with American operators. This is, of course, about the possibility of selling OnePlus smartphones in telecom stores, which would also guarantee 100% compatibility with their networks. Perhaps plans for introducing 5G network support also depend on which American operator decides to add smartphones from China to its offer. We also do not know if the announcement regarding 5G modems concerns mmWave solutions (28 GHz band) or those that operate on frequencies below 6 GHz.

People watching the market wonder what Samsung is planning in this situation. Optimists suspect that the first smartphone of Koreans with a 5G modem will be Galaxy S10. However, its premiere is planned for the first quarter of next year. This seems too early to introduce support for a new generation of mobile networks. A more likely scenario is the introduction of 5G only in Galaxy Note 10, which will appear in the second half of next year.

Source: PC Mag