Korean media have reported that Samsung and LG are preparing an interesting show for us. During MWC 2019 we should see for the first time smartphones that support 5G networks. Unfortunately, we still do not know how much they will cost and when their premiere will take place.

Samsung Galaxy S10 (or more precisely, its 3 variants) is going to be the most important premiere of the forthcoming MWC 2019 exhibition. As every year, smartphone manufacturers will show their latest producs in Barcelona. At the same time we already know that 2019 will pass under the slogan of folding smartphones and 5G. Honestly, it’s hard for anyone to speculate on what the first Samsung 5G smartphone will be. Some say it will be a special edition of Galaxy S10, which will debut in South Korea. Others suspect that the first Samsung Galaxy 5G smartphone will be Galaxy F/Flex. This is, of course, the first model with a folding display.

LG has accelerated the work on 5G

The competition on the smartphone market is very fierce. Xiaomi is preparing a Mix 3 with a 5G modem, and OnePlus is starting to talk openly about the price of devices supporting the new technology. Initially, LG wanted to release the 5G smartphone in the vicinity of May. It would be sold in Korea and the United States. However, it would be a rather late premiere. In turn, the new heads of the mobile department have taken a difficult but important and good decision. LG will accelerate the premiere of its first smartphone with a 5G modem. This is to be a slightly improved G7 ThinQ version. Currently, we do not know the name of the new device. Perhaps it will be G8 ThinQ, or maybe G7+ ThinQ 5G or something like that.

LG 5G Sprint

The MWC 2019 will take place in Barcelona from 25 to 28 February 2019.

Source: The Korea Herald