Recently, Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 will come back for sale. These will be mobiles returned by customers that have been refurbished and have new safe battery. The Galaxy Note 7 will not be available in all countries. So far it is known that these phones will not be sold in the United States and India.

Recently, photos of one of the refurbished Galaxy Note 7, which will be sold in Vietnam, have leaked to the network. Interestingly Samsung has decided to distinguish models with new battery, which will be called the Galaxy Note 7R. The letter R stands for the refurbished. Also in the phone options you will find an information that this is N935 model. The original Note 7 model is N930.

The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 has 3 200 mAh capacity battery.

However, rumours have turned out to be true. Samsung actually decided to reduce the battery capacity of the Galaxy Note 7 from 3 500 mAh to 3 200 mAh. It was the component that caused all spontaneous combustions. Two independent manufacturers were not able to produce Samsung-compliant batteries that would be safe to use. It is also difficult to determine whether Samsung was too optimistic in defining the design requirements for the Galaxy Note 7. Perhaps in case of a lower battery capacity or slightly thicker profile, Samsung would receive a fully functional and safe batteries first time. However, the more likely it is that Samsung went in this case for a concession. None of the manufacturers had time to prepare a new technological process. It may be possible that lowering capacity of battery was the cheapest and easiest solution that would allow re-sale of returned smartphones.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Source: SamMobile