As it is said, up to three times the art. Reports on the sale of renewed smartphones Galaxy Note 7 have already appeared twice. The first rumours appeared in November last year. However, these were only misinterpreted reports which initially were published before the famous self-ignition issue. The topic returned a month ago, like a boomerang, but all allegations were denied by the Indian division of Samsung.

This time the information is 100% true, because it comes directly from Samsung, which announced it in its official press release. Interestingly, the whole action is dictated in the spirit of care for the environment. I wonder how much the whole project is profitable. I know that getting rid of returned Galaxy Note 7 mobiles is a big loss for Samsung. However, bringing these smartphones to a safe condition that will allow them to sell again is also not cheap. In some instances, they will have to replace the scratched case and the display. However, this is not the worst.

Samsung had to find a company that will produce safe batteries for the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung employees and external independent experts performed investigations which confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 problems were caused by faulty batteries. The worst part of this is that two companies (Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology) have provided faulty batteries. It is also possible that the technical specifications prepared by Samsung was too demanding and the two manufacturers did not have a good enough technological process. Therefore, it is speculated that the new Galaxy Note 7 models will have lower capacity batteries, namely 3 000 mAh instead of 3 500 mAh. However, these are only assumptions that appeared a month ago.

Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will be a very eco-friendly smartphone

It is hard to say if refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available in India. Samsung will discuss this with both: legal regulators and mobile carriers. The refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will be sold in those countries where there will be a need for this kind of devices. Those copies that will not be re-sold will be recycled. Samsung will even re-use components such as integrated circuits or cameras, for the production of test prototype devices (e.g. other smartphones). Samsung will also work with companies that can recycle gold, copper, nickel and silver from electronic devices in very eco-friendly way.

If you have carefully followed the MWC 2017 news, you probably remember the Greenpeace protest. Ecologists did not like the idea of ​​getting rid of all the manufactured Galaxy Note 7 mobiles. It would be simply a wasteful effort and a waste of the environment that has suffered from smartphone production.

Source: SamsungReuters