I do not know when people will learn how to filter informations, that they may find in the Web. A few days ago fake info that Samsung is going to sell refurbished models of Galaxy Note 7, appeared again. The rumour may have been quite reliable, because the majority of returned units of Note 7 were not damaged. Theoretically, it would be enough to simply replace the battery.

If you are familiar with the results of investigations concerning problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, then you will know that replacement of battery would not be that easy. Two different vendors we not able to produce safe batteries, that would be compatible with the specifications from Samsung. It is also unclear how production process should look for the new batteries. It would be hard to make sure, that product is safe in 100%. Therefore, this little surprise me that all editorials picked this topic. Especially that a similar rumour appeared a few months ago. Representatives of the Samsung clearly announced, that their company does not intend to resume sales of Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

According to the rumour, Samsung would use new batteries for Galaxy Note 7 with smaller capacity.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released with 3 500 battery, which unfortunately was the cause of the spontaneous combustion of the phone. Theoretically, reducing the battery capacity could minimize the probability of occurrence of this unfortunate incident. Therefore, the rumour was that Samsung is going to sell the refurbished units of Galaxy Note 7 with 3 000 mAh or 3 200 mAh batteries. Of course, they also would have to exchange cases and probably scratched displays. These resurrected smartphones were expected to be sold in India and Vietnam.

Samsung India has denied these rumours.

The Indian department of Samsung has informed Gadgets 360 editors, that Galaxy Note 7 will not come back on the market. Probably, Samsung is still in possession of 2.5 million units of Galaxy Note 7, because they used only 200,000 mobiles during the tests. Samsung will have to dispose of such a large amount of decent equipment. However, there is nothing to be surprised, no one would decide to resume sales of Galaxy Note 7. Also, none of the battery manufacturers would have taken the challenge of producing new batteries for this smartphone. The project is so demanding that Samsung engineers probably have decided already fragile loosening the design assumptions for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. The investigation indeed showed no design problems from the Galaxy Note 7 side. However, it is not by chance that two independent producers had problems with the delivery of safe and compatible with the specification batteries. We also do not know yet whether the fault was caused by the production process technology. Maybe production mistakes was an effect of high demand for components.

Source: Gadgets 360, The Korea Economic Daily (translated)