They got Samsung has organized quite an interesting marketing campaign, which in a way refers to last year’s battery affair with the Galaxy Note 7. It involved giving every passenger of Iberia Airlines flight a Galaxy Note 8 for free. The unexpected gift was given to 200 people.

The case with the Galaxy Note 7 was so serious that the airlines forbidden to bring these smartphones aboard. No wonder. There was even a case where Note 7 of one of the passengers was self-ignited. Another person made a fuss by launching a Wi-Fi hotspot with Note 7 in the name. That is why Samsung is at every turn to emphasize that their new smartphones are 100% safe. At present, every Samsung model can be brought without fear on the plane, because defective Note 7 mobiles have been withdrawn from the market.

200 pieces of free Galaxy Note 8 smartphones were distributed within the local action of the Samsung Spain.

Unfortunately, the presented situation is not global. Promotional action took place during flight number IB 0513 from La Coruña to Barajas Airport in Madrid. Therefore, most likely similar actions will not take place in other countries. But you can always hope. In conclusion, it is worth to note the twitt that the Spanish branch of Samsung.

In free translation it means: “At Samsung, when we fall, we are not only raised, but also learn to fly.” Drawing out of your own failures is a very important skill not just for every individual, but also for every company.

Source: Iberia Airlines