Conceptual graphics often differ significantly from what we see later after the release. However, Benjamin Geskin works quite differently. He does not feed us with his artistic vision of futuristic smartphones. His speciality are realistic renders based on reliable leaks. I must admit that in the case of Galaxy Note 8 it looks very interesting. Samsung certainly sells this model well.

The critics will say that the Note 8 is nothing else than the Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a bigger screen and dual camera system. Would it be a bad thing? People are already ordering the new flagship from Samsung as crazy, and no one changes the winning composition. Apple also does not introduce any revolution in the appearance of new iPhones. For example, the iPhone SE looks the same as the iPhone 5S, and the new model differs only in sub-assemblies. The same situation is with the iPhone 6 and 6S models. Therefore, no one should reproach Samsung for playing the same schemes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may look amazing.

A few weeks ago, sketches leaked to the network, suggesting that the Note 8 would resemble the Galaxy S8. Renders prepared by Benjamin Geskin are based on these leaks. He assumes that Note 8 will have a 6.4-inches 4k Infinity Display with 18: 9 aspect ratio. In addition, in the back we can notice a double camera and lack of fingerprint reader. Speculation is that for the Galaxy Note 8 release, Samsung will refine the solution with a scanner integrated with the screen. What do you think about this vision?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung also has another problem. The Galaxy S8+ mobile already has a 6.2-inch screen, so it’s not too different from the Note 8. Therefore, Koreans will have to put in the new smartphone some innovations that will convince people to buy a more expensive device. I do not know if the S-Pen will be enough. Anyway, there is already a picture on the net of the Galaxy S8+ with the S-Pen from another model. It was supposed to imitate the Note 8, but of course it is a fake.

Galaxy Note 8 fake photo
Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 8 = Galaxy S8 + S-Pen

Source: Twitter