Samsung is currently testing prototype versions of smartphones that will appear on the market next year under the name Galaxy S10. According to recent reports, one of the prototypes was equipped with a 5G modem. The new technology will most likely enter the most expensive variant, the Galaxy S10+. The version with the 5G modem is to be sold only in Korea.

Currently, all companies whose activities are linked to mobile networks are preparing to implement networks compliant with the 3GPP 5G NR (New Radio) standard. Of course, this applies primarily to operators and manufacturers of base stations and smartphones. They are preparing to present the first 5G mobile devices already next year. So far, all reports regarding the awaited Galaxy S10 indicated that it will not be the first Samsung smartphone 5G. However, recent leaks indicate that Koreans are working on the variant next year’s flagship (most likely it is a Galaxy S10+ model), which is to use the new technology. At the same time, current plans assume that this model would be sold only in Korea.

A local version of the Samsung Galaxy S10+ with a 5G modem would not be unusual

Samsung has coddled Koreans in the past by offering them smartphones with better communication modules. A good example are the Galaxy S4 LTE-A and Galaxy S5 Broadband LTE-A models, which have been prepared for the networks of Korean operators. They were distinguished by LTE modems supporting aggregation of frequency bands. This technology was not widely used by operators from other parts of the world, so Samsung decided to prepare for the Korean market dedicated variants of its flagship. In the case of 5G technology can be similar. South Korea wants to introduce a new generation of mobile networks as soon as possible, so Samsung should not be surprised by such a move.

Operators from other countries also want to quickly launch the first 5G networks. These are primarily the United States and some European countries. Motorola and LG have already announced their first 5G smartphones, which will be available in the US. Maybe Samsung will change its mind and decide to sell Galaxy S10 + with a 5G modem outside of Korea. More detailed rumours on the subject (and even official declarations of the producer) should appear in November or December this year.

Source: SamsungMobile.News