Samsung annually presents new models of its flagship series Galaxy S. This event always takes place near the MWC (Mobile World Congress) and usually takes place the day before. This pattern has been repeated for several years, which is why we all expected that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be shown to the world on February 25. This date has just been officially confirmed.

In the world of new technologies, we can not be sure of anything. Smartphone makers often have unplanned delays. A year ago, Samsung had to delay the presentation of the Galaxy S8, because the Koreans wanted to refine the design of the smartphone in terms of battery safety. However, this year everything is going according to plan. Galaxy S9 will be presented to the world a day before MWC 2018. Samsung has already used this procedure several times. As a result, all later presented flagship smartphones are compared with the new Samsung Galaxy S, which is considered a model to follow for other Android mobiles.

What will Galaxy S9 stand out like?

The first promotional material is very mysterious. However, Samsung is pushing in the eye for leaks about the new camera with variable iris. Therefore, one thing is certain. One of the two models, namely Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus will be equipped with a completely new camera. According to the leaks that have appeared so far in the network, this year’s Samsung’s flagships will be very similar to their predecessors. As for the display, its diagonal and proportions remain unchanged. Only the frames will be reduced. In contrast, the revolution (or rather some evolution) will take place on the back of the smartphone. Galaxy S9 will have a single camera with variable aperture (F/1.5 – F/2.4), and its bigger brother will be equipped with two lenses. Another new feature is the slow-motion recording mode, which records 480 fps in 1080p or 960 fps in 720p. In less than a month we will be able to check the accuracy of the leaks.

Source: PhoneArena