Apple has received a lot of unfavourable comments after the release of the iPhone 7 for getting rid of the 3.5 mm mini jack headphone connector. Several manufacturers of Android smartphones have also taken a similar step. Now Sony is joining it. Unfortunately, these are not anecdotal rumours. This information comes from the FCC certification documentation. It is not known yet what the model is, but this information is not good for fans of traditional and proven solutions.

Any wireless device to be released for sale in the United States must obtain an FCC certificate. This also applies to smartphones. Due to commercial confidentiality, published documents containing the results of certification tests do not contain detailed information about the model under examination. However, we will find in them data about the manufacturer, dimensions of the device and supported communication standards. Interesting may also be diagrams describing how to connect the device during testing. In a recently published report, we see that the new Sony smartphone while charging was connected to the charger using an additional adapter, which allows you to connect additional headphones.

Sony mini jack FCC
Sony smartphone without mini jack connector (source: FCC).

Nobody expected Sony to give up the 3.5 mm mini jack connector.

Sony Xperia smartphones are considered models that are intended for music fans. This is due, inter alia, to headphones equipped with noise reduction and interference from the environment. Most of them are equipped with a traditional mini jack connector. I wonder what headphones will be attached to the new smartphone. They can be either USB-C or ordinary headphones with a jack connector, but these should be connected to the smartphone using an additional adapter. On the other hand, the adapter shown in the diagram looks as if it could connect the charger and mini jack headphones.

Source: FCCXperiaBlog