LG G5 was a very interesting model. Its biggest innovative was modular accessories, but this solution did not adopt on the market. This was also the only flagship smartphone that allowed you to change the battery. New LG G6 is no longer modular design, and the battery is not replaceable. It will not have also new Snapdragon 835, because Samsung has bought all new chipsets. LG G6 must be satisfied with a Snapdragon 821 processor. How does LG want to conquer the hearts of their fans?

New LG G6 will be officially presented on 27th February in Barcelona. During the MWC trade shows we will know all the details about the new flagship form LG. However, as always the case in this type of premieres, we have a lot of all sorts of leaks. The most interesting here is the first image showing the passage of the new smartphone. I must admit that it is quite minimalist. The side frame is very thin. LG certainly wants to get the best ratio of the area occupied by the screen in relation to the dimensions of the entire smartphone. It is possible that internal memory can be expanded with a microSD card. Visible in the photo cap suggests that in the inside it is enough place for both the SIM card and microSD. This can be also the Hybrid SIM slot, but LG generally does not produce dual SIM mobiles.

LG G6 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset.

According to recent reports, Samsung bought all the first batches of the new processors Snapdragon 835 for the Galaxy S8. LG had two options. They could wait with the release of their flagship, or use an older chipset. They chose the second option. In my opinion, it will not affect too much on the performance of the smartphone. This means that LG does not put into the numbers, but the functionality of new phone is more important for them. From what is known so far, the LG G6 is going to have very durable batteries. However, this is not about long battery lifetime, but the resistance to unfavourable conditions. Batteries used in a new LG G6 will not overheat even when the temperature reaches 150 ° C. This temperature is higher by 15% than provided by European and United States standards.
LG G6 heatpipe

Finally, LG G6 will be a waterproof smartphone.

Both the G5 LG and LG V20 have replaceable batteries. However, because of that, these phones are not waterproof. Perhaps this is why it will not possible to replace LG G6 battery by yourself. LG G6 will also have a dual camera system and iris scanner. It is true that LG is working on a solution that closes the front camera and the iris scanner in a single housing. But probably we will not see this in this year flagship mobile.
Iris scannerfront camera comboSource: PhoneArena