Recently, the specification of Bluetooth 5 has been finally approved. It is expected that the first devices with support of new standard will appear on the market from two to six months. Therefore, the latest rumour is about Bluetooth 5 module in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

New Galaxy S8 will be released soon. Everyone expects that it will be one of the most important smartphones of the next year. Samsung has to reclaim the good name after the fiasco with Note 7. I even have friends who thought that the Galaxy S7 model has the famous issue with battery. So, it is obvious that Samsung lost a lot, not only money. In my opinion Koreans will do everything what they can and upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone will have a lot of innovations. Samsung is the member of Bluetooth Special Interest Group, so people have started to connect dots.

Samsung Galaxy S8 may be the first smartphone with Bluetooth 5.

It means that new flagship from Koreans will provide two times faster Bluetooth connection and four times range than the current models. Of course, you would need the second device which also support Bluetooth 5, but this is the matter of time. I bet that we will see a lot of IoT (Internet of Things) devices with Bluetooth 5 in the next year. Also, other mobile manufacturer will use this new standard, but Samsung will be the first. The Samsung Galaxy S8 may also have innovative finger print reader and double camera system. It is obvious that new flagship mobile from Koreans will have better specification than iPhone 7. But is it enough? I think that Samsung has still a lot of fans who will buy this new smartphone.

Source: SamMobile


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