To be honest, I very like good quality electronics products. However, I do not want to even think how expensive can be its repair if something would be broken. I know that manufacturers provide warranty, but sometimes the failure is caused by the user. Therefore, it is a good practice to buy good quality products which are also cheap to repair. I think that Xiaomi Mi 5s is such kind of equipment.

This new Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone is very powerful and it is able to capture amazing photos. I think that they deliberately did not introduce waterproof feature, because Xiaomi wants to have easy (and cheap) to repair mobiles. To be honest, it is possible to repair Xiaomi Mi 5s smartphone at home, because every component is easy to replace.


Xiaomi Mi 5s had been dismantled by people from IT168 site.

This is China-based tech site which present the process of dismantling Chinese devices. Usually they are the first who are able to present this for new products. IT168 tinkerers did not prepare a video, but they have captured very detailed photo series. You can watch the full gallery which is placed below. The first think what you have to do is to take out the SIM tray and tackle two screws located on the bottom of Xiaomi Mi 5s. Now, you can open the device and you will have access to all components. This is very simple, isn’t it? Thanks to this approach you would could repair the newest Xiaomi flagship smartphone by yourself and also the manufacturer’s service is low cost and fast. I think that this is very good strategy, because at the moment they customers are not willing to pay extra money for waterproof feature.

Source: IT168

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