I think that soon we will see in the market a lot of smartphones that with wireless charging support. Technically speaking, this is not new and crucial technology, but Apple has finally decided to introduce it in this year’s iPhones. All indications are that one of the first low/medium-cost flagship smartphones supporting wireless charging will be the next year’s Xiaomi Mi 7.

The new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X fully support Qi wireless charging technology, which was also chosen by other smartphone manufactures. This means that Apple fans will be able to buy a charger which has Qi certificate from any manufacturer. This will allow them to safely charge their smartphone also in restaurants and hotels that provide free wireless charging. Fortunately Apple has not decided this time to reinvent the wheel and chose the world’s most popular wireless charging standard, the Qi. What does all this have to do with Xiaomi?

Recently Xiaomi joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which is working on Qi standard.

The so-called Chinese Apple has not released any announcement yet, but Xiaomi has recently appeared on the consortium’s website. Therefore, people immediately began to speculate that the wireless charging will appear in Xiaomi Mi 7. Would it also mean that Xiaomi in its new flagship will resign from the metal case? Qualcomm in 2015 stated that wireless charging technology works well in the presence of metal, but none of the manufacturers have prepared such a device. That is why Apple has decided to use durable glass also on the back panel of the housing.

Joining of Xiaomi to the Wireless Power Consortium may mean something else. Perhaps we will soon see the first wireless charger of this manufacturer in the market. Of course, ironically, it would be 100% compatible with Apple devices. I wonder how many owners of new iPhone mobiles would have bought a Xiaomi charger.

Source: GSM Arena