Xiaomi has various interesting ideas to attract customers to each other. One of them is the transparent case in the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer, which shows the components of the smartphone. However, after the Chinese presentation, some people have doubted Xiaomi’s assurance. Some even think that under the transparent casing is simply a sticker that imitates the inside of the smartphone. What’s the truth?

The Chinese will be able to prepare a device this year, which deserves to be called a flagship. It is true that the Xiaomi Mi 8 looks like the next clone of the iPhone X, but has several unique (as for smartphones with Android) functions. At the same time, Xiaomi prepared up to 3 Mi 8 variants, of which the Mi8 Explorer is the most interesting. This variant has a three-dimensional Facial Face recognition system and a fingerprint reader located under the OLED screen. The time after the premiere of the smartphone will come to evaluate these solutions (i.e. their safety, speed of operation and accuracy). Now the community has focused on the back of the Xiaomi flagship, which is transparent. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, it is supposed to show the elements of the device’s motherboard. However, it is quite possible that what we see is just a dummy.

The components visible on the back of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer can be a fictitious mainboard

Some people think that Xiaomi decided on a rather cheap grip and the back cover of the housing is a simple sticker that imitates the components of the smartphone. However, the manufacturer’s representatives denied these reports and stated that the back of the smartphone is made of transparent glass and the actual motherboard is visible in the upper part. However, a scenario is possible in which Xiaomi decided to design two motherboards. One of them would be responsible for the proper functioning of the device, and the other would be a typical dummy, which is designed to make the appearance of the smartphone more attractive. Proponents of this theory bring back photos presenting the look of previous Xiaomi devices. It is clearly visible that the elements of the motherboard are covered with metal plates that provide heat dissipation and shielding. In this way, interference between individual electronic circuits is eliminated.

It is currently difficult to say whether Xiaomi has redesigned the motherboard of his flagship in such a way that it can be presented in an effective way to customers. Perhaps we are actually dealing with an additional dummy, which is to provide the desired visual effect. We will find out the truth only after the premiere of Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer, in July. This smartphone will definitely hit the “operating table” of the iFixit team, which will check exactly what’s inside.

Source: The Verge