Xiaomi fans have another reason to repeat the “Xiaomi is better” slogan. One of the next year’s Chinese flagships will do quite a lot of confusion on the Android smartphone market. The Mi Mix 3 will be equipped with a 5G modem and as much as 10 GB of RAM!

The heads of Xiaomi know very well how to acquire new customers. This Chinese manufacturer already has the reputation of a company that produces good quality smartphones and sells them at a reasonable price. That’s why even more expensive Xiaomi models are very popular. Customers are aware of the fact that they will receive a smartphone with above-average components in a given price category. It does not matter if they buy a budget or a top flagship mobile. This fact results from the pricing policy adopted by Xiaomi. The Chinese not only limit their profits from the sale of smartphones, but also buy the components needed to build them at a reasonable price. That’s why the Mi Mix 3 is a positive surprise for everyone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with 5G may be an interesting smartphone

Information that the new Xiaomi flagship will have a 5G modem and 10 GB RAM comes from several sources. One of them is the teaser published on the official company channel on Weibo. It shows information about Mi Mix 3 with 10 GB of RAM. In turn, the official Spanish fanpage published a graphic advertising the new Xiaomi flagship as a smartphone compatible with 5G technology. We will know the rest of the details during the presentation, which will take place on October 25 in Beijing.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G

Everyone is wondering how the Chinese intend to surpass the capabilities of the Snapdragon 845 platform. This chipset supports up to 8 GB of RAM and does not have a 5G modem. Most people speculate that Xiaomi’s engineers managed to overcome the limit on the amount of RAM by using an additional memory controller. In turn, the 5G modem (Snapdragon X50) can be attached to the smartphone in the form of an additional adapter. Motorola has¬†already announced similar solution.

Source: GSMarena

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