Well, last week did not belong to the best in Cupertino. It seems that among the people involved in the production of the new iPhone 8 (or what will be called this year’s model) there was one black sheep that did not comply with the provisions of the confidentiality agreement. The first clear images of the new iPhone leaked to the network and show the device from both front and back.

Apple likes to remove things from its products that it deems unnecessary. One year ago, a 3.5mm audio jack was removed and replaced by the Lightning interface on the iPhone 7. Obviously, Apple has prepared a suitable adapter for their fans. However, people who want to charge their iPhone 7 while listening music, have had to acquire Bluetooth wireless headsets. It i possible that this year Apple has recognized the fingerprint reader as being outdated technology. Maybe the Cupertino specialists put everything on one card and decided to switch to face recognition technology.

iPhone 8 may not have a fingerprint reader at all.

Some time ago there was information that Apple decided to solve the problem of missing a fingerprint reader in the same way as Samsung, i.e. putting it at the back of device. True, it would have been a disappointment, but customers would somehow get over it. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a sales hit, so Apple would rather not go wrong on such a decision. However, recently leaked photos clearly show that the fingerprint reader is not put on the back of iPhone 8. Also, we do not see it in front. So, where is it divided? We have 4 possible scenarios:

  1. Apple has resigned from the fingerprint reader for advanced 3D face recognition called Pearl ID.
  2. The fingerprint reader was hidden beneath the screen, which would mean a real revolution.
  3. Somehow Apple hid the reader under the apple logo on the back of the smartphone.
  4. Apple has integrated a fingerprint reader with a power button. A similar solution applies to Sony in selected models.

What is your opinion? Where will we find the fingerprint reader in the iPhone 8?

Source: TechTastic