This would be very useful feature for people who for example go to work by bus or train. Would you like to watch the next episode of your favourite tv show during a trip? So what is stopping you? Unfortunately, Netflix would consume all your mobile data plan.

This is the reason why people would like to have the possibility to use Netflix without Internet connection. The idea is to download selected videos using WiFi network and to store them on internal storage (or SD card) of mobile device. What about the piracy? No problem, the Netflix files can be protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) mechanism.

Unfortunately, Netflix currently does not plan to introduce offline mode. However, the situation may change in the near future.

The comment of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is very interesting. This statement gives us the hope 🙂 It is possible, that this functionality will be available in the feature, but nothing is promised.

We should keep an open mind on this. We’ve been so focused on "click and
watch" and the beauty and simplicity of streaming. But as we expand
around the world, where we see an uneven set of networks, it’s something
we should keep an open mind about.