Netflix gained the title of the most popular VoD service in the world thanks to a rich library of films and series, which is available at a reasonable price. The only problem is that this statement is true only in the context of residents of several countries (mainly the United States). Therefore, Comparitech compared Netflix subscription prices in individual countries and referred them to the amount of available material. Contrary to appearances, India falls quite favourably in this juxtaposition.

Is Netflix a cheap service? It all depends on the adopted assessment criteria and the country of residence. Nobody has any doubts that one of the largest contents of this VoD service is made available mainly to US residents. In contrast, residents of other countries paying the same high subscription receive much less material to watch. We all realize that Netflix still has a lot to catch up with regarding movies and series made available to viewers in particular countries. Fortunately, the library shared in India is quite rich. We have 5,015 titles available. At the beginning let’s check how the prices for the basic Netflix subscription in individual countries form. In India, we pay 500 INR for the basic plan, which is converted to 7.28 USD. The inhabitants of Norway and Sweden pay the most.

Netflix prices

Netflix does not make the subscription amount dependent on the number of available titles

It would seem logical if Netflix, although partially dependent on the amount of the subscription on the amount of material made available. Nothing of that. US residents have access to 5,746 titles for which they pay 8 USD. With us, the situation looks similar. However, not everyone can count on such a favourable ratio of the subscription cost to the number of available titles.

Netflix map

The average cost (worldwide) for 1 title is 0.0023 USD. The cheapest is in Japan, where with the subscription of the equivalent of 5.86 USD, there are 5,986 titles, which gives 0.0010 USD (one tenth of a cent) for the position. US residents pay 0.0014 USD for the title. In India, the amount is 0.0015 USD. The most expensive is in Norway, where the subscription is 10.95 USD, and the available database includes only 3,318 items, which gives 0.0033 USD per title.

Source: Comparitech