Mark Zuckerberg knows how to increase the activity of his users. Facebook thrives with the ability to upload photos and videos. People often use this feature, but they are reluctant to do so when using a mobile data plan. The situation is different when they are connected to Wi-Fi hotspot. That is why Facebook on Android and iOS got a new feature called Find Wi-Fi.

This functionality has already been tested by some mobile app testers. Now it is available to everyone around the world. You are probably wondering why your smartphone has not installed any update. Quietly, this change was introduced from the server side. The application appears in the More menu and requires of course the inclusion of the location feature.

Is Facebook and free Wi-Fi a secure combination?

Free Wi-Fi hotspots are a great target for all kinds of cybercriminals. There is nothing to cheat, people like to use the Internet for free and often do not care about their privacy. An attacker can set up his free Wi-Fi network or attack an existing one. The first thing to do in such a situation is to launch an application that intercepts all traffic. Such tools are not a mystery and are also used by computer network specialists. It is finally a great tool for diagnostics and troubleshooting. Let’s go back to the subject. Hackers can easily capture the traffic generated by free Wi-Fi users. What is it threatening?

Fortunately, Facebook itself cares about the privacy of users.

Both the mobile application and the website use an encrypted data transfer protocol. This means that even if a hacker intercepts our traffic, he or she will not know our login, password, and photos that we upload to Facebook. However, it only applies to a few applications. Unfortunately, most of the traffic, that we generate, is not encrypted. Therefore, the offender can find out quite a lot about us. If you are going to use Find Wi-Fi, it may be better to install a free VPN app before. This will encrypt the whole traffic generated by your smartphone, so you could use the free hotspot safely.

Source: Facebook