Nowadays WiFi network are not unusual. Practically in almost every home there is a router which acts as an access point. However, beginnings were different. You were able to find a lot of unprotected access points. The most popular protections were based on MAC filtering, SSID hiding and WEP key. Nothing fancy.. People were hacking neighbor WiFi networks just for fun ūüôā


This were called Warchalking (WAR РWirless Access Revolution and chalk). You could find a lot of signs which mean where WiFi is protected weakly and where security is strong. It is hard to find something harmful in this game. However times have changed and today this issue looks different.

Wireless Key

What has changed? Currently people share a lot of private materials inside their networks. Also most of routers have secured WiFi by default. However, very interesting is the case when someone has mobile data plan and shared this mobile Internet connection using WiFi technology. If we broke security of this kind of network then we would steal data! Currently even carriers can accuse users of data stealing.

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