More and more applications ends support for Windows XP. Nothing unusual. This system is already terribly old and without updating. It is a ticking time bomb. Using it is in my opinion unsafe. However, Windows XP is still used by 7.41% of Internet users worldwide and 11.58% in India.

Unfortunately, this result places Windows XP on the second position among Indian users. Is this the beginning of an avalanche of bad news for Windows XP users? Recently, Google Chrome has stopped support for this old operating system. Now this is the time for Dropbox.

Starting from June 26th, you will not able to download Windows XP installer, create new account using desktop application and login to the existing account.

However, you will have access to your files. But not for long, because starting for August 29th you will be automatically logged out from any Windows XP computer. OF course, you account will not be blocked and you will be able to copy your files using the web page and Android device. What is the reason of this decision?

Every new Dopbox application version contains new features and security fixes which not always are compatible with old operating system.