Updates on mobiles devices are very interesting and hot topic. Many people around the world appreciates Apple for update delivery policy on their mobile devices. You can have 4-5 year old device and you still will get the newest iOS. It is surprising, but Microsoft does the same.

Android definitely can slowly begin to envy not only Apple, but also Microsoft. The company from Redmond had already solved problem with delay of software update delivery caused by mobile operators, i.e. they decided to introduce Windows as a Service model. Thanks to this, updates for mobile devices will be released on the same day as for stationary machines. In my opinion this is very good approach and I am proud of Microsoft that they were able to achieve this. It looks that someone wants to back into the game :)

What does it mean for mobile carriers? They should get used to the fact that they will not be able to modify software of smartphones controlled by Windows operating system. In practice, this means that everyone (i.e. Microsoft, carriers and mobile manufactures) will have to stick to standards.

I wonder when Google will do the same with Android. The fact that we do not have even security updates for old devices is very annoying. Unfortunately in case of Android phones we have two problems. The first is the manufacturer which prepares software basing on operating system from Google and the second is mobile carrier which want to adjust the software to its network.