A long time ago, Internet Explorer was the most popular web browser. However, these times have passed away and never return. The reason is not the fact that Internet Explorer is not developed any longer and it has been replaced by the Edge. Simply, people prefer to use other (i.e. more advance) web browsers. Nowadays, Google Chrome has the highest market share and it is hard to believe that something could change this situation.

A year ago, Microsoft introduced new web browser, i.e. the Edge. This browsing application is available only for Windows 10 users. The company from Redmond claims that their web browser is the fastest and the most energy-efficient. They even have published a video which “proves” that the laptop with Edge runs 70% longer than with Google Chrome. However, people use the Edge only once after Windows 10 installation in order to download other web browser. The numbers do not lie. Internet Explorer and Edge lose their combined market share every month.



Microsoft wants to acquire Edge users paying them.

This is not a joke! Microsoft has announced that they have rebranded Bing Reward program. New loyalty program is called Microsoft Rewards, which is to collect points for using Edge browser and Bing searcher. People can exchange these point for vouchers to Amazon, Starbucks, Skype etc. However, this over is region limited only for the United States. Even so, this information spread around the world. Community believes that this is an act of desperation.