All the Internet went mad after Microsoft’s announcement about functionalities which will be removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Internet users have begun to pour out grievances in the comments and in web forums. It was about the potential removal of beloved by all MS Paint applications. This program is already 32 years old, so a lot of people get used to it.

Paint is a very simple graphics program that allows you to perform very basic operations. Probably everyone in the first IT classes drew a house in this cottage application. More advanced and talented users can create really impressive works in MS Paint. Students of technical universities, on the other hand, enjoy the “grinding” of charts to reports by the so-called PaintLab. However, in my opinion GIMP is much better app for such tasks.

Paint gained popularity because it was in every version of Windows.

The first version of MS Paint appeared in Windows 1.0. Microsoft periodically refined its graphics program. Interestingly, the giant from Redmond has never been accused of monopolistic practices because of this application. This is probably due to limited capabilities, but for Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player this argument did not apply. However, coming back to the topic. Microsoft introduced Paint 3D in Windows 10 Creators Update. This application has much more features that the old good Paint. The new program also allows you to create simple two-dimensional graphics. Therefore, it was decided to abandon the development of the old application.

Microsoft has decided to keep Paint.

People prefer to use simpler and well-known tools instead of new and more advanced applications. Therefore, Microsoft decided to respond to the cries of the community. MS Paint will not be completely removed, but will not be installed by default in Windows 10. This simple graphics program will be available for free download from the Windows Store. However, this does not mean that Microsoft will continue development of this application. The Redmond company will focus exclusively on the new Paint 3D. Old MS Paint may receive some minor updates with bug fixes. The official development status of MS Paint is as follows:

Deprecated, but will be available through the Windows Store. Functionality integrated into Paint 3D.

Source: Microsoft