For some time there was nothing about our noble Windows, what else, and in total about him you can write. It turns out that you can, because as we all know, Windows 10 is already firmly on personal computers, but do not we all want and have. Due to the fact that giant really wants to promote their new system, announced some time ago that no longer provide any new features to older versions of Windows.

This action is most understandable. In the end, there is nothing to keep the old and decaying corpses in the closet. But this is not so, that the Redmond company cuts off the holders of older Windows versions of any updates.

Microsoft will offer every month a cumulative pack of improvements that contains within itself all the previous patches.

This solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Yes, it will streamline the whole process, but will not allow you to select the patches you want to install. Moreover, the monthly parcel is to incorporate all the security fixes for this month and will be published only in the Windows Server Update Services. This means that we will not see it in the standard panel with updates. We will be able to download it in the second Tuesday of each month. But this is not the end. Microsoft will also offer something what they call the Monthly Rollup, i.e. updates containing the latest patches for the current month. Another group of updates will be the Monthly Quality Rollup, i.e. patches that contain changes not related to security. These patches are optional. I believe, not everyone will like the new update model, particularly that do not always make amendments that the system is as good as new. The latter from Microsoft, some time ago, made the systems more succumbed.


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