The first information about updating the appearance of Windows 10, i.e. project NEON, appeared at the end of last year. However, it was more of a set of unsaid statements than hard facts. Fortunately, Microsoft has not made us wait too long for another news concerning new interface of Windows 10. All owe the illustrated slides during Windows Developer Day.

We will have to wait some time for the update which introduce changes in the GUI of Windows 10. This is probably planned for the autumn of this year as part of Redstone 3 update. Project NEON will be one of the key features that will bring the next major update of Windows 10. Interestingly, the changes will please both normal users and developers. Thanks to new programming language for views, developers will be able to voluntarily change the appearance of their applications.

Tom Hounsell also has announced changes coming to Redstone 3.

The project NEON will cause that new Windows 10 will become even better operating system. Microsoft strives to be an innovative company that truly realizes the vision of the last version of Windows ever. Many people praised the operating system itself, which has nothing to do with such failures as Windows Vista. Developers working on the project NEON want to surprise us. The graphical interface is redesigned so that we can adapt it to our needs. Also, developers will have full control over the appearance of their applications.

The main thing that will be changed, depends on the total abandonment of the frame around the window. In addition, elements of translucent Aero Glass will be used, and action buttons will appear inside the window. Presentation shown during the Windows Developer Day has shown the full application Project NEON. While in most cases, presented windows were imbued with exaggerated appearance of new features, this app groove retains the greatest harmony between the transparent elements and the full backgrounds.

Windows 10 will receive refreshed look on all platforms.

Project NEON is not limited to our personal computers and laptops. I do not exactly know what they will rely on the changes, but they will also apply to smartphones and Xbox consoles. Microsoft has a vision of having the same operating system on multiple devices. Therefore, the project NEON is associated in some way with the other hardware platforms. Microsoft is expected to reveal more details about the new graphical interface in May. Maybe then we will know what is planned for the mobile version of Windows 10 as Redstone 3 update.

Source:, MSPoweruser