No one likes warring and error messages, but the famous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is the fatality error message which can be displayed by Windows operating system. I remember a lot of blue screens from Windows 95 and Windows 98 times. I know that in case of Windows Me it was even worse, but I have never installed this terrible operating system on my computer.

In my opinion Windows 2000 and Windows XP were more stable and BSOD was uncommon. I remember one of my issues with blue screen on my laptop with Windows XP. However, it turned out that a RAM chip was guilty. Unfortunately, only advance users are able to read useful information form BSOD message and define the issue. For rest of people it means: something really bad has happened and your computer will be rebooted.

No wonder that Microsoft wants to change this. I have to admit that this idea is brilliant! What can you do when you see the blue screen? You can not take a screen shoot, you have to rewrite the message or take a photo (and rewrite from the photo to Google searcher). In the coming compilation of Windows 10, Microsoft has added QR codes on Blue Screens of Death. Why? The idea is that you scan the BSOD QR code using your smartphone and you will be redirected to the website withe the description of the problem. Currently all QR codes open website where you can find information about different types of blue screens errors. However, I hope that Microsoft will improve this solution and QR codes will link to howtos with exact solution.