Windows Phone 8 operating system is not maintained any longer, but this is still used by many people. Not every Lumia smartphone has received the Windows 10 update, so we still have a lot of mobiles on the market with old operating system from Microsoft. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone 8 users have just got the next reason to buy new phone with Windows 10 or to migrate to Android.

The choice is always yours, but in my opinion applications for Android are maintained much better than in case of Microsoft’s mobile platform. Do you remember the issue with HERE Maps on Windows 10? This system is very different from Windows Phone 8, so the HERE developers would have to rewrite the whole application from the scratch. Therefore, they have decided to not support Microsoft’s platform and to focus on Android and iOS versions. This time, the issue looks a little different. In case of Skype, the application architecture is going to be changed from p2p structure to the cloud. It means, that all clients (i.e. apps installed on our computers, smartphones, SmartTVs, tablets etc.) have to be updated.

Unfortunately, Skype has just been removed from Windows Phone 8 store.

It is not big surprised, because the information about planned end of maintenance of Skype for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and also Android 4.3 was known since August. Of course, you can still use the Skype application if you have already installed it on your Lumia smartphone. However, you have to aware of the fact that some day it will stop working. It should operate by the end of this year. Also, you will not able to reinstall Skype application on Windows Phone 8 mobiles, so do not remove it.