Finally, Microsoft has announced when the Anniversary Update will be available. A lot of people may think that this update is similar to Service Packs known from previous Windows versions. However, Anniversary Update will bring a lot of improvements for your computers.

Yesterday, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be release on August 2nd, i.e. couple days after the end of Windows 10 free upgrade promotion (July 29th). So, this is the last days to get the Windows 10 for fee. According to the data from StatCounter company, Windows 10 is already installed on 21.88% computers of Internet users. However, this market share is much lower in India (i.e. 10.99%). But still, Windows 10 is already the second most popular operating system among Internet users.



The data collected by Microsoft shows that Windows 10 is already installed on 350 million devices.

I think that they have combined mobile (i.e. smartphones and tablets) and desktop (personal computers and laptops) devices in order to achieve this number. Microsoft claims also that they have collected very positive feedback about Windows 10 and this version of their operating system has the highest customer satisfaction level ever.

The Anniversary Update will bring innovation and improvements in six areas.

Windows 10 is the most secured Microsoft’s operating system. Of course this safety mechanism are not perfect, but Microsoft has prepared two innovations for Windows 10 users. Windows Hello for fast, easy and safe PC or phone unlocking and password management. This feature will require additional hardware, but a lot of laptops have already fingerprint scanners and web cameras. The second security improvement is Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. Currently, the best solution is to buy 3d paty security packet application. Maybe it will change in the feature and built-in Microsoft’s security application will provide good enough safety level for home and business users.

The second area is Windows Ink feature. This is great new functionality for people who have 2 in 1 device and make a lot of notes.

To be honest, I am old school guy. I prefer the whiteboard and a pen instead of PowerPoint presentation. I also have the traditional notebook for handwritten notes and ideas. In my opinion Windows Ink is great idea, because you can make a handwritten note much quicker than using a touchable keyboard. The next update is related with Cortana, i.e. the voice personal assistant from Microsoft. Starting from Anniversary Update, the Cortana will be multi-device assistant, because it will be synchronised with your mobile and PC. In the feature, Cortana will be also available on Xbox gaming console.

The next set of improvements is related with power saving features for the OS and Edge. Do you remember the recent fight with Opera?

So, we have four areas of the six. What’s left? Windows Anniversaly will bring very interesting improvements for players, i.e. Xbox One owners to be more precisely. Xbox Play Anywhere will allow you to buy a game once and play it on your console and desktop computer. Also, the game progress, saves and achievements are also shared between devices.

The last area is Modern Classroom feature which is designed for schools with computers shared between students.