Old times, when Windows was available in a specific version and patches were only fixes for bugs that we could find on it, have gone. The new idea of ​​Microsoft is that Windows 10 will be changing all the time from update to update. Theoretically this is great idea. How does it work in the practice? Better not to admit…

In my and many others’ opinion Windows 10 is a good system. Of course, it has its shortcomings in some areas and is not fully adapted to them. Nevertheless, recent updates to newer release systems force users to become operating system specialists. Feelings are mixed because we get a system that is highly customizable, but on the other hand, as the user simply does not have time to have fun in the configuration may feel really lost. Although the update of Windows 10 Creators Update brings some interesting features, launching it for users who do not have time can cause some problems.

What will Windows 10 Creators Update change?

We’ve come to the realization at the last major update of Windows 10. Unfortunately, system builders come out of the fact that they know better how to configure the whole system and, in addition to giving these options to users, they can overwrite old configurations. Remember that with the Windows 10 Creators Update, all new features will be enabled by default. This may cause some desktop applications to cease to function, as the date of release is likely to be out-of-date. Most often this bug is encountered in old games that may conflict with the new Windows game mode.

When creators know better…

We know that the new update introduces a couple of new graphics enhancements. However, we must remember that resetting all settings will force us to re-set our graphics card or monitor. Let’s hope that in the future Windows developers will think about the next update and will not be able to reset private settings. In the end, not everyone has the time to restore them to the actual situation, where the system update itself takes an hour.

Source: microsoft.com