I must admit that I am not a big fan of Microsoft products. This is not a contradiction – it just does not suit my needs. I do not like Windows functionalities, or rather them lack, and the general design of this operating system. I feel that I am not alone in this. Do you remember the GUI revolution introduced in Windows 8?

Even Microsoft found that it was a bad idea and they released the free upgrade to Windows 8.1, which restored the old interface. In the case of Windows 10, this is not such a great tragedy, but it is still not my cup of tea. It turns out that Microsoft itself probably is not entirely happy with their own design, and they are going to replace it. Microsoft Design Language 2 will be refreshed and this is promised by the giant from Redmond.

The changes in interface will be introduced in Redstone 3 thanks to the Microsoft’s Neon project.

Unfortunately, I do not have for you any specific details about planned changes. So, at this moment we can not either admire or complain. However, this will not be such a revolution, as in the case of Metro UI known from Windows 7. Also, the tiles rather not adopted in the IT world. It is predicted that the Neon project Neon will not make any drastic changes that will be hard to beat at the sight. It is only about a tiny lift design. The design will remain minimalist and flattened. Is that good? I am not entirely convinced of, but as you can see on the example of Apple’s operating systems, users like such a convention.

Redstone 3 will probably introduce a bit of dynamism to the system. I hope that it will not too much of this. I remember the times when Linux Beryl and Compiz were introduced on the market. Everyone enjoyed this at the beginning, but they could not use this for a long time. Unfortunately, people are not accustomed to the whistles. They prefer a simple interface that can be handled easily and acts quickly. Similar refresh is scheduled for Windows 10 Mobile.