The team working on Windows 10 again took on security issues. This time, they took a closer look at the user’s login process to the system. What can change, however, is that the new method can replace the current forced login with the user’s password.

New idea of ​​Microsoft is to allow users to log into the system using a one-time SMS password. This method works perfectly in the case of bank transfer authorizations, which will allow you to completely omit the need to enter your password, PIN or other data stored in the database, such as biometric parameters. All this to facilitate the user login process, but also to secure it in the event of a password leak.

Windows 10 password

There are several login methods, but one is obligatory

As we know, Windows 10 allows us to set many options to protect our computer. This pool includes a standard PIN, the use of a fingerprint reader or facial recognition. Unfortunately, all this is an alternative, because with unsuccessful attempts, we still have the option to encode the only correct password to the Microsoft account. Therefore, the developers are considering a new way of logging in, which would allow replacing a permanent password stored in files on the disk and base it completely on external authorization. At the moment, this alternative was given to Windows 10 Home users participating in the Insider Program. Thus, it is likely that we will see the full version of this functionality in the March 1903 update.

Of course, this solution has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is certainly security when it comes to attempting to steal the password. Unfortunately, it looks worse from the point of view of defects, especially when we look at this subject from the side of people who are constantly on the go. I’m talking mainly about network problems when we can not send requests for a one-time password key, or a simple problem with a discharged phone.