I like to share with you interesting videos found on the Internet. Do you remember the lecture about WiFi throughout measurement techniques? This time the story is different. Would you like to have your PC on your hand? I mean, would you like to run the full desktop operating system on your smartwatch?

Apple Watch has a 520 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage so it is much more powerful that the personal computer needed to run Windows 95. This over 20 years old operating system requires 25 times slower hardware. So, theoretically Apple Watch should be able to run Windows 95 without any problem. Of course, Apple does not allow you to install any OS on their devices, but it is possible.

Nick Lee has loaded Windows 95 on his Apple Watch using WatchKit app and Bochs x86 emulator.

Unfortunately, the emulation process is not efficient, so Windows 95 needs about an hour in order to boot on Apple Watch. It is slow, but functional! Lee had also an issue with turning off screen when it is not used. Therefore, he has used a tube which turns the Watch’s crown all the time. HERE you can check all details. Let’s watch how it works 🙂